The Libyan Prime Minister said in a televised speech on Wednesday to congratulate Libyans on the advent of Ramadan that he hoped this holy month will be an opportunity to restore Libya's unity and an end to division.

Dbeibah added that he would tour the countries of the world to help prevent bloodshed in Libya, saying his government had sought to improve the living conditions of citizens and fulfilled its promise to maintain and develop the General Electricity Company and improve its services.

He stressed the continuation of work with the Office of the Attorney General and the security apparatuses to achieve security and stability, in addition to working on preparing a national plan to reform and develop the oil sector and increase production to enhance the country's national revenue as well as provide the necessary funds for development projects.

He added that his government also continued to work on implementing the unified salary policy for public sector workers, launching the needy families and youth housing initiative, activating local administration, restoring the municipalities' service and development role, distancing them from political tensions, and giving them the opportunity to communicate directly with citizens.

The Libyan PM called for maintaining national constants of renouncing extremism and terrorism, preserving the unity of the country's soil, avoiding war, restoring the country's sovereignty, preserving ethnic and cultural diversity, achieving balanced and extended development for all cities and regions, and achieving justice for all citizens, and holding elections as well as the peaceful transfer of power away from violence.

"Civil society organizations are an essential part of political life in Libya, and our unity limits foreign interference and gives us the opportunity to produce a local solution. We call for confronting projects of division, war and hatred." Dbeibah added.