The head of the Ras Ajdair border security division, Mohammed Jarrafa, said a delegation from the Libyan reconciliation members visited Tunisia to meet with Tunisian notables and parliament members to discuss reopening Ras Ajdair border.

“The border between Libya and Tunisia is still open from the Libyan side.” Jarrafa confirmed on Sunday.

He added that residents of Ben Guerdane city in Tunisia are still blocking the roads calling on the Libyan authorities to allow them to re-export the goods imported by Libyan businessmen with foreign currencies into Tunisia using the Libyan dinar, which will harm the Libyan economy.

“Tunisian media is not giving the Ben Guerdane protesters any attention, while Libya is constantly trying to solve this issue.” Jarrafa remarked, indicating that the demands of the protesters must be declined, as they are very harmful to Libyans’ dignity and rights.

He also said that Libyan authorities proposed to Tunisian Customs that they lift the tariffs on the Tunisian goods entering Libya but they refused saying it would harm their country’s revenue, which is the same description that applies to the demands of the Tunisian protesters, who don’t represent the Tunisian government.

The Ben Guerdane protesters are still blocking the Ras Ajdair border between Libya and Tunisia for the second month in a row amid absence of action by the two countries’ officials.