Arraed Media Network published a tape for the Secretary of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) Fathi Agoub proving he accused the Presidential Council (PC) of impeding the implementation of the economic reforms.

"Legislations should be issued by the PC and the CBL is ready to implement them, however; the PC delayed issuing those legislations." Agoub said on the tape.

Arraed said the tape was published as part of its commitment to post accurate news, especially after the CBL had denied statements that were attributed to Agoub.

The CBL refuted what was circulated as Agoub's words about the accusation of the PC of impeding economic reforms, adding that there had been no accusations made by the CBL to the PC, calling on all media outlets in a statement on Saturday to be accurate in reporting news.

Arraed's report of Agoub's statement went viral on Libyan social media platforms and media outlets. The CBL rushed to deny it but Arraed proved it once and for all by publishing the tape.

In the meantime, the PC issued a statement on Sunday stressing the need for the economic reforms but on a legal basis in order to avoid any future legal challenges.

The PC further added that consultations with the CBL are still ongoing in order to find the best way to implement the reforms without ramifications.

"There should be a very heightened accuracy in reporting any news to the public so that we all avoid any division among the institutions and confusing for the Libyan citizens." The PC's statement reads.