The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said the grid had lost 480 megawatts at Zueitina, Sarir and North Benghazi power plants due to the shortage of gas supplies, saying it bears no responsibility for this as it hasn't received sufficient gas supplies to operate all units with their maximum capacity because "phase 2" of Al-Farigh Field of Al-Waha Oil Company is halted.

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) responded on Tuesday to GECOL, saying it is keen on providing gas supplies to consumers despite all the issues it's going through, especially not implementing the scheduled maintenances from recent years due to security situation and lack of funds.

NOC said the halt of Al-Farigh Field's "phase 2" was for less than 12 hours and we made up for the lost gas supplies by operating Al-Sahel Field.

"Such halts are normal and tackling these issues come through coordination with relevant authorities to provide alternative fuel for power generation. We thank Al-Farigh Field workers for doing maintenance in no time." The NOC said.