The Libyan Sharia Research and Studies Council of the Fatwa House decided to prohibit the use of the term "gender", rendering it as "Haram".

The Council said that, after reviewing the reports referred to it regarding the widespread of the term “gender,” it had decided to ban the use of the term because it contained "meanings that contradict common human nature and the provisions of Islamic law, such as permitting perversion, homosexuality, adultery, abortion, annulment of marriage, divorce, and inheritance, destroying the family, and calling for changing Allah's creation."

The decision called on the relevant authorities in Libya to prevent the use of the term “gender,” “sex kind, in any way, especially in government departments and official documents, while issuing deterrent regulations and legislation for anyone who would violate the law that is derived from Islam. 

The Council's statement called on the Ministries of Education, Information, Youth, Justice, Social Affairs, Women, and Health; not to circulate these terms, and to play their role in "fortifying society, and purifying curricula and media materials from these terms."

The statement also stressed the importance of the role of preachers, bloggers, writers, mentors, and teachers in providing advice, awareness, and guidance, by preventing the use of these terms, and warning of their danger.

It called on the security and police authorities to carry out their duty in pursuing violators and those who call for "these satanic terms and actions in accordance with applicable legislation."