The spokesman for the Government of National Unity (GNU), Mohammed Hammouda, announced on Wednesday the launching of an online platform to support small and medium enterprises, in which all parties that provide support, financing for existing or new projects, including commercial banks, government agencies and funds, would participate.

Hammouda said in a statement that the new platform would receive ideas for entrepreneurial projects, and contribute to saving effort and time for project owners to implement their enterprises.

The new system, according to Hammouda, aims to organize, direct and support project owners, as well as provide communication between them and service providers and the financing agencies, in addition to its work to highlight the role, tasks and specializations of each of the affiliated agencies in the economic system of projects. 

The GNU spokesman revealed that there would be a phone application for the new system with artificial intelligence to provide services to small and medium enterprises through "CHATBOT". The expected application would allow the service requester to have direct chat and obtain information in a short and accurate manner.

Hammouda linked the success of this system to the cooperation of the various parties and their commitment to providing it with information, interacting with it, and the direct supervision of the government to ensure broad and continuous coordination among the various parties.