Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, emphasized on Tuesday the importance of the Fatwa House and the Faculty of Sharia and Ifta in preserving the religious identity of Libya.

In his speech at a ceremony to mark the publishing of the "Series of Fatwas of the Libyan Dar al-Ifta," which was held in Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, the Mufti said that the fatwas of the Fatwa House scholars are independent and free from any affiliation. "Their only motivation is the fear of God and His pleasure, not the satisfaction of anyone else," he added.

Sheikh Al-Sadiq highlighted the vital role of the Faculty of Sharia and Ifta in promoting religious understanding, considering the foundation "a strategic project and a safety valve for the future of Libya."

In this context, he warned against the dangers of foreign fatwas, which can lead to division and conflict. "The people of Libya's old commitment to the Maliki school of thought and Islam was a strong fortress against all foreign influences. Once fatwas from across the continents entered Libya, the circle of disagreement over them widened," the Mufti explained.

During the ceremony, Sheikh Al-Gharyani announced the launch of a new project to establish an endowment institution to support the education and training of scholars. He emphasizes the need for independent scholars who are capable of speaking the truth and promoting Islamic values.

The Mufti also expressed his concern about the spread of foreign ideas and ideologies that he said are harmful to Libyan society. He lauded the government for its response to the Fatwa House's request to ban the use of the term "gender" due to its association with the concept of "gender" and the "CEDAW" convention, which he described as destructive to Islamic ethics.