Haftar and his family went to Moscow and signed a deal called a “joint defense agreement,” which was in fact an occupation agreement, the Mufti says

The Libyan Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, criticized the House of Representatives' (HoR) rapid, sudden and unanimous approval of the presidential and parliamentary election laws, saying that what HoR was doing was beyond astonishing, and adding on Tanasuh TV channel on Wednesday that HoR members held a session and issued a fully detailed law tailored to Haftar’s needs, which stipulated that people with dual citizenship "have the right to run for the presidential elections, and if they are unsuccessful, they return to their previous jobs while retaining their citizenship, but if they succeeded in elections, they would renounce foreign citizenship."

The Mufti described this detail as something inappropriate and absurd that no one would accept, wondering whether HoR members heard about the agreement that Haftar and his family signed in Moscow with the Russian President, and adding that he was sure that many of them had not heard about it.

"If they had not heard about it, the media would now be abuzz with this agreement and people would be criticizing Libya for how they now accepted that their country be colonized by foreign bases, not to mention the Egyptian forces with armored vehicles entering the country equipped with their weapons." He added, saying that Haftar had no objection because he previously stated that what the Egyptians and Al-Sisi were doing was acceptable to him even if it was contrary to the interests of Libya.

He added that the country was now occupied by invading Egyptian forces, and indicated that Haftar and his family went to Moscow and signed a deal called a “joint defense agreement,” which was in fact an occupation agreement, wondering what kind of joint defense Haftar could undertake in order to defend Moscow or fight alongside its forces.

He explained that joint defense is between countries that are equal and close to each other in cooperating in military matters, but cooperation on Haftar’s part is a provision of territory, stressing that Haftar does not have the ability to defend Russia, serve its causes, or enter into conflicts and battles.

The Mufti stressed that "Haftar’s participation in this agreement was to hand over the land of Libya as an easy prey to these criminals who fought Libyans in 2019 while they had no legitimacy. They fought as mercenaries to whom Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pay money, but now they are soldiers and organized forces belonging to the state with an aircraft and air defense agreement and naval and air bases."

The Mufti indicated that HoR members were only able to enact laws that had been forbidden by Islamic law and issue a law granting the right to a person with foreign citizenship from a non-Muslim country to rule a Muslim country which is forbidden. He also addressed the members of HoR, saying, “The issue is that of loyalty and innocence, faith and lack of faith, so how could you enact this law that is forbidden by Islamic law, a criminal law that is not permissible to be enacted." He said, adding that he was amazed at the position of the Supreme Court judges who postponed consideration of the appeal submitted to the law called (Amendment 13) in order for this law to be published in the Official Gazette to be passed and become a fait accompli.