Libya's Interior Minister: Aircraft striking Tripoli belong to two Arab countries

Libya's Interior Minister: Aircraft striking Tripoli belong to two Arab countries

April 28, 2019 - 19:30
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha said the Presidential Council's government has evidence that foreign aircraft have been involved in the attack on Tripoli, saying there is an investigation underway in coordination with the UN.

In a press conference in Tunisia with his Tunisian counterpart, Bashagha said the accuracy of the airstrikes on Tripoli points to warplanes owned by only two Arab countries.

Bashagha also criticized France for its support for Khalifa Haftar, urging it to stand with the democratic norms it believes in.

"The war in Tripoli now was not started by our government but we found ourselves in a position where we must defend democracy and civil state." Bashagha added.

He said that the forces of "warlord Khalifa Haftar" has revived the terrorist groups, adding that "no party can brag about fighting terrorism to us, we know all about it and we did it numerous times."

"Haftar is from the school of Gaddafi regime and has the same mentality. He is the only one who doesn't want to end Libya's crises." He explained.

Bashagha said there is silence by the international community toward the airstrikes on Tripoli, adding that any upcoming dialogue would be with eastern tribes not with Haftar and there will be a new roadmap after Haftar's forces are defeated.

Haftar's Air Force carried out Sunday several airstrikes - some say by foreign drones - on Fallah and Abu Salim areas killing 4 and injuring over 20 people.

According to residents, the airstrikes came from high-flying planes, which analysts saw as evidence that they were foreign since Haftar doesn't have such aircraft.