Italian Nova News Agency said that 2023 may witness a turning point in the Libyan scene after the country experienced last year a major division between two competing political and military alliances.

According to the Italian Agency, Khalifa Haftar is conducting secret contacts with the Tripoli authorities, which effectively led to the abandonment of support for the government mandated by the House of Representatives and headed by Fathi Bashagha.

Nova believes that the international situation may be favorable to this track, especially with the presence of a stable government in Italy, the ongoing slow rapprochement between Turkey and Egypt, as well as the UAE's adoption of a more pragmatic diplomacy, which are elements that could contribute to holding elections and, in general, to the reunification of the country.

It also highlighted the recovery of oil production in Libya, which is in the present time at an average of 1.2 million barrels per day, adding that the announcement of the discovery of new and huge quantities of gas off the Libyan coast last December may in turn add to a new turning point.

"Italy is Libya's main trading partner, with an exchange value that exceeded 9.02 billion euros in the first nine months of 2022, ahead of China and other European countries. According to information issued by the office of the Agency for the Promotion of Overseas and Internationalization of Italian Companies in Tripoli, since the beginning of 2022, commercial exchanges have recorded an increase of 80.85% compared to the same period in 2021, with a market share of 23.66 %." NOVA explained.