The controversial release of the last prime minister of the Muammar Gaddafi regime, Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi, has been rendered as temporary by the spokesman for the Libyan Justice Ministry of the Presidential Council's government Mohammed Hammuda.

Hammuda told reporters that Al-Mahmoudi's release is conditional to his recovery as he would be sent abroad, or remain in Libya, for medical treatment.

"He is still under legal pursuit for the cases filed against him. He is going to be under surveillance during his medical treatment program." The justice ministry's spokesman remarked, saying trial will resume once Al-Mahmoudi returns from his "medical leave."

On Friday, the Justice Ministry released Al-Mahmoudi for medical and humanitarian reasons after his medical treatment in jail came to a dead end.

Contentious as it is, the release of a Gaddafi henchman has stirred anger in Libya, especially in Zuwara, where many protesters took to the streets condemning freeing Al-Mahmoudi and vowing escalation if he hasn't been put back behind bars.

Zuwara community accuse the last Gaddafi PM of incitement for rape of the city's women for their participation in February 17 revolution at the time.

Leaked phone calls for Gaddafi officials proved Al-Mahmoudi was coordinating systematic rapes, which could have happened at the time in Libya's west.

Al-Mahmoudi and eight other Gaddafi officials were sentenced to death for murder, rape and other crimes in April 2015 by Tripoli Appeals Court.