The Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on his reelection for a new presidential term, adding on his program on Tanasuh TV that Erdogan's victory was a great event for all Muslims, as it "warmed Muslims' hearts and angered the hearts of their enemies and their agents in Libya and beyond."

The Mufti said he "thanks Allah for Erdogan's victory, and praises Erdogan for what he deserves. We ask Allah to make him a supporter of the oppressed in Muslim countries, and we pray for the Turkish people to be rewarded for their successful, good choice."

"The joy of victory is not specific to the Turkish people, rather it is for all Muslims, especially those who are oppressed and forcibly displaced by the oppressors, their intelligence and their detention centers and are being chased by the dark rulers in the Arab countries of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and in almost every country." The Mufti said. 

The Mufti pointed out that these oppressed people did not find anything but the "Muslim Turkey, while President Erdogan's opponents were threatening them to throw them to their enemies. This includes the issue of getting rid of all refugees that was at the top of the electoral propaganda of Erdogan's opponents because there is no mercy in the hearts of those secularists." 

He said that the Turkish people, who experienced secularism and its cruelty, and what it led to in terms of poverty and violation of sanctities, were decisive, and their word was clear in choosing what they should choose. He also said that the ordeal was great and the test was difficult for the Turkish people in those elections because Erdogan's enemies in the countries of the West and the Arabs were speaking to people's pain which was the economic card, the strongest card for those who wanted to ensure victory in all elections.

The Mufti indicated that there were those who had dominated the Turkish state in recent years to harm its economy and besieged the Turkish lira until it lost its value in order to put the Turkish people in a difficult test, as they made them choose between constants and religion on the one hand and a livelihood on the other. He also hailed the Turkish people for their patience. 

The Turkish President, Erdogan, won a new presidential term on May 28, in the second round of the presidential elections in the country.