The Libyan Mufti, Sheikh Al-Saddiq Al-Gharyani, has said the Government of National Unity's (GNU) allocation of a piece of land to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Tajoura is nonsense as Abu Dhabi has been fighting Libya, killed a umber of its children and widowed several of its women.

The Mufti added on Tanasuh TV channel on Wednesday that the UAE had carried out air strikes on Wadi Rabea area and killed 22 people, on the military college in Tripoli and killed 30 cadets, saying that this is all added to UAE's intervention in Benghazi.

He described the GNU's approach of reciprocate allocation of land for embassies with the UAE as "nonsense" and said the real reciprocity with the UAE should be aggression for aggression, as the Quran has stated.

"War criminal Haftar is still living off the support of the UAE which is in whole as Zionist project and tool. Muslims shouldn't allow its embassy to be located in Libya without settling its situation. It should apologize but it hasn't done so yet for its aggression on Libya. Despite that, it was rewarded with 4 hectares of land to build an embassy. If the UAE enter Libya, it would corrupt it and open a Zionist project in Libya based on promoting prostitution, spying, atheism and blasphemy." The Mufti said.

He called on Libyans to reject the UAE embassy's opening especially that it will be located on the beach where it would build a runway for planes and use the sea for ships that come without permission or passports.

The GNU allocated a piece of land to the embassies of the UAE, Qatar, US, and Turkey in a compound east of Mitiga air base - Airport - in a reciprocate move with those countries.