The commander of the self-styled army Khalifa Haftar ordered Wednesday the arrest of frontlines commander at Al-Saiqa Force Mahmoud Al-Werfalli for his “escape from military prison while under investigation for military codes’ violations.”

Media outlets loyal to Haftar reported sources from the general command of the self-styled army as saying that the arrest order is due to Al-Werfalli’s break out of prison in Rajma, eastern Libya.

Libya Al-Hadath TV channel, which is owned by Haftar’s family, said Haftar ordered the apprehension of fugitive Al-Werfalli and his loyalists "for breaking the law and endangering people’s lives."

Al-Werfalli made a cinematic escape from prison and arrived in Benghazi last week.

He also carried out an attack on military investment authority looking for its chief Al-Madani Al-Fakhri, stealing some of the belongings in there.

A leaked walkie-talkie call was also posted on social media on Tuesday when he vowed to keep looking for Al-Fakhri till doomsday, calling home a corrupted person and a thief.