A group of 43 mayors of western region cities has denied that they held a meeting on Wednesday in Al-Zahra city southwest of Tripoli to declare their support for a new government.

In a statement, the mayors expressed their bewilderment at the media and social media outlets that circulated a statement signed in their names.

The false statement claims they support the parliament's decision regarding forming a new government to replace the current authority headed by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

The group said there is no truth in the document, which was shared online Wednesday.

They accused those behind the forged statement of seeking to sow discord and create divisions among the Libyans.

The mayors also urged citizens not to be drawn into false rumors and called on the media to report with responsibility when publishing news.

On Wednesday evening, the Libyan social platforms were washed with statements claiming to be issued by politicians, soldiers, mayors, battalions, and armed fractions declaring their support for a new government, which the House of Representatives said it would adopt Thursday.

The bodies concerned denied the false statements attributed to them, but the source of this data remains unknown.