Misrata port

The Head of the customs center of the Misrata Free Zone Port, Khalid Al-Dala, said that more than four unrefrigerated containers of 40 feet were seized after they had arrived from Arab and European countries, containing different types of medicines such as insulin, blood pressure drugs and others, adding that the conditions of the containers made them lose their medical effectiveness and pose a danger to people. 

In an earlier statement, the center said that the supply process of those medicines was carried out in a random manner without, indicating that the economic authorities started investigating the owners of the importing companies to take the necessary measures.

Al-Dala stressed in a press statement that the non-compliance of some companies with preventive and health requirements in the process of importing medicines was considered a violation posing a threat to the life and health of the people, adding: "We won't allow the entry of any medicines "coming inside iron containers because of the danger they pose to life, and we demand that companies adhere to health standards and shipping conditions."

He pointed out that they had issued a warning to companies supplying medicines of a special nature, whose temperatures range from 15 to 25 and from 2 to 8 degrees "Celsius", to adhere to technical and health standards, to use refrigerated containers, and to follow all procedures during the shipping process.

Al-Dala indicated that they would take all legal measures against all violators of the regulations, and arrest them to go under interrogation by relevant authorities.