Separatist Ibrahim Jodran has lashed out at rogue Gen. Khalifa Haftar accusing him of masterminding a plot to assassinate him.

Jodran, a militiaman in control of oil ports in central Libya, was lucky when his convoy survived a Dignity Operation airstrike.

Briefing his tribe following his safe arrival to his hometown of Ejdabia, Jodran said he embarked on a working visit to Tobruk in coordination of Al-Mibri family from Al-Obidat tribe.

As soon as he arrived at the first checkpoint in Tobruk, his five-military vehicle convoy and Al-Mibri family vehicles engaged in an exchange of fire with the Military Intelligence, Military Police and Presidential Guard after orders were given to deal with his convoy.

"The Military Intelligence got the orders from the so-called the Command in Al-Marij, the Military Police got the orders for Al-Nadouri." Jodran said, adding that his convoy was falsely reported of being allied to Daesh/IS.

However, the fire exchange ended and his convoy managed to drive off safely.

Things also went wrong when he arrived at his residence. According to his briefing, two of the Presidential Guard vehicles cordoned his residence at mid-night.

Three days later, a convoy made up of 50 military vehicles left Dignity Command in Al-Marij in an operation aimed at arresting Jodran, but the convoy returned back when Jodran's tribe and militias in Ejdabia decided to react.

Situations had been deteriorated when Jodran decided to return home. Orders were given by Dignity Airforce Chief Saqir Al-Jaroushi to bomb his convoy. Jodran said the pilot refused to bomb the convoy when he realized that the orders given to him by Al-Jaroushi were false.

Al-Jaroushi reported the convoy as a Daesh one.

"I found out that the pilot got the orders from Saqir Al-Jaroushi who informed the airforce pilots that Daesh is attacking them, and then Al-Jaroushi admitted that he had got the orders from the defeated Colonel and captive Khalifa Haftar, the commander of Ouadi Doum war." Jodran explained.

The battle of Ouadi Doum broke out in Chad on March 22, 1987 in which the Libyan forces were expelled from Chad, putting an end to the conflict. 1.269 Libyan soldiers were killed and 438 others including Khalifa Haftar were arrested during the battle.

Now, Jodran's tribe is requesting explanations from both Hafatr's Al-Jaroushi's tribes, refusing outcomes of the investigations set up by Tobruk parliament into the incidents.