The final statement of the ministerial meeting on Libya held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York has reiterated that there's no military solution to the Libyan crisis.

The statement, devised by representatives of France, Italy, Germany, UAE, Russia, Egypt, US, UK, Turkey and China as well as the African Union and Arab League, called for an unconditional ceasefire and pullout of heavy and artillery weapons from the frontlines, in addition to an end to the use of airpower by all parties.

The statement called on the member states not to intervene in the conflict in Libya or take measures that fuel the crisis, asking them to abide by the Security Council arms embargo on the country.

The statement, issued by the Italian and French Foreign Ministers who chaired the meeting, said Libya's crisis can only be solved by political solutions and that the political dialogue should be resumed, voicing concern about the humanitarian situation of displaced Libyans, immigrants and refugees.

It called also for preparing for a conference that brings together all regional and international stakeholders and for an inter-Libyan conference backed by the efforts of the UNSMIL and African Union.

"We warn of extremists taking advantage of the current conflict and we hope that the political process can be resumed as per the Paris, Palermo and Abu Dhabi meetings ahead of holding elections." The statement reads.

It adds that it is essential that Libya establishes a unified security force based on a plan to disarm militias across the country and allow them to join regular army forces under a civilian authority.

The final statement also reiterated the importance of the role of the African Union and Arab League as well as the UNSMIL headed by Ghassan Salame in bringing peace and stability to Libya.