The Ministry of Justice has established new court halls in addition to other facilities at the Ain Zara Reform and Rehabilitation Institution.

The Minister of Justice, Muhammad Lamlum, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday besides several officials from relevant bodies and departments.

In his speech for the occasion, Lamlum praised the efforts made to ensure that the new constructions meet the safety standers, including those related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He emphasized the ministry's keenness to harness all efforts to overcome difficulties facing the justice facilities and ensure that the legal system functions without interference or threat.

The visitors toured the freshly completed facilities, which include meeting rooms, judges’ chambers, training centers, a library, in addition to playgrounds and recreational facilities.

The ministry of justice indicated that the new developments come in the framework of the ministry's endeavor to develop corrective and rehabilitative facilities that would help re-socialize the prisoners, not just punish them.