A militia group in Tobruk has refused to release member of Tobruk parliament from Misrata, Mohammed Al-Raeid, despite several tribal mediations to free him.

The militia group headed and funded by a local businessman man called Ibrahim Alerj demanded that two prisoners in Misrata, including Alerj's brother, must be freed first in exchange of Al-Raeid’s release. The two Tobruk prisoners pleaded guilty to criminal and corruption charges at a Misrata court.

Misrata Municipality condemned the abduction and held authorities in Tobruk, including the parliament and the municipal council, responsible for the incident.

UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler also condemned the abduction calling for his immediate release without preconditions.

The Head of EU Delegation to Libya Nataliya Apostolova also called for the unconditional release of Al-Raeid, saying such practices are illegal under international law. 

Mohammed Al-Raeid was abducted Wednesday while on his way to the airport, two days after his return to Tobruk Parliament. Shortly after the abduction, the Head of Media Office of Tobruk parliament, Abdullah Blihig, claimed that Al-Raeid was released after negotiation with the kidnappers.