The Misrata Revolutionaries Union demanded the formation of a steering government in which all the components of the Libyan people would participate, saying it should only have specific authorities for a certain period of time.

This demand came in a statement by the Union following a protest stand on Monday against the meeting of the dismissed Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Unity, Najla al-Mangoush, with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

The Misrata Revolutionaries Union indicated that the GNU did not carry out the tasks entrusted to it, namely: preparing for elections and drafting the constitution; thus they do not recognize it as a government for Libya.

The Union held all in-post politicians responsible for what happened and could happen in terms of security breaches that could further complicate the scene, stressing their readiness to take a stand, in coordination with the rest of the Libyan Revolutionaries Unions and all relevant parties for the safety of the Libyan people as well as their territories.