New association formed by Haftar to take over public and private properties

New association formed by Haftar to take over public and private properties

October 10, 2019 - 21:12
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of General Mobilization Authority in eastern Libya, Oun Al-Furjani, said the General Command of Dignity Operation of Khalifa Haftar had established this authority to have factories under its own supervision and management.

Al-Furjani said on TV that orders have been made to have the revenues of telecommunications and transportation services given to the forces under Haftar's command, saying the government in Tripoli is monopolizing all resources and revenues.

"The authority could even use force to make people comply with the new rules." A spokeswoman for the authority named Fajriyah Al-Burasi said in an interview on Haftar-loyal channel, Al-Hadath TV.

She said "the army" will force all Libyans who aren't paying electricity and water bills to pay them for the authority to support the military operations.

"The authority could always take the money paid as taxes and sovereign dues paid by private and public institutions." A guest on Al-Hadath TV said.

Haftar has been gradually controlling the financial status of the areas under his forces' control, which should be under a civilian authority, ignoring the role of the House of Representatives that is responsible for such laws and regulations.

Two weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Interim Government in eastern Libya Abdullah Al-Thini said the Haftar-led Military Investment Authority had been expanding its control on public projects without coordination with his government.

The Military Investment Authority is Haftar's economic arm that is taking over all resources in eastern Libya by first scrapping factories and exporting them illicitly and then signing a contract with Italian Fisheries to allow them fish in Libyan waters for 100.000 euros a month, but the agreement was canceled at the request of the Presidential Council's Foreign Ministry.