The Muslim Brotherhood organization in Libya has changed its name to the "Revival and Renewal Association", the group said in a statement on Sunday.

The statement indicated that the decision came after rounds of dialogue and research, in which members of the group organized various workshops, university seminars, and exceptional conferences.

"The group had concluded that it is time for renewal and diligence in response to the nation's needs and to meet the requirements of this sensitive phase," the organization said, stressing it would work with all "honest and fair people" to build and revive the nation.

It added that its goal is to revive the call to adhere to the moderate approach and teachings of Islam, in a new way inspired by the fundamentals and constants of Islam, taking advantage of every wisdom to ensure a deep understanding of reality and foresight for the future, according to the statement.

The group pledged that its new body would work in various fields of public work to fulfill its mission in Libyan society.