The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has stressed that the main cause of the long hours of power cuts in the eastern region is due to the closure of the oil ports in the Gulf of Sirte.

In a statement, on Monday, the NOC held those behind the closing of the oil ports accountable for the power cuts, calling on citizens to "recognize this mere fact based on actual science", and not to be drawn by "misleading media" attempting to conceal the true reason for the power outages.

"By closing the ports in the Gulf of Sirte, the condensate reservoirs at the export ports will be filled within days, and thus the production of the gas associated with the condensate, which feeds Zueitina power stations and north of Benghazi, will come to a halt, said the NOC head, Mustafa Sanallah.

Sanallah pointed out to the difficulties facing the NOC to increase the quantities of imported diesel in order to keep the power stations running.

"The fuel budget was exhausted during the last period of closure, in order to compensate for the shortfall in gas production and local refineries.