The National Oil Corporation (NOC) issued a statement regretting what it described as the "inappropriate level" reached by the Head of the High Council of State HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri in settling personal scores with the NOC, adding that Al-Mishri said during an interview with Al-Jazeera TV was nothing but false allegations.

"There is no explanation for Al-Mishri's statements except that they come as part of a systematic campaign that he may fabricated and aims to strike the Libyan oil sector and destabilize its administrative stability as well asĀ  introduce this vital strategic sector for the livelihood of the Libyan people in the political conflicts in which Al-Mashri is involved." The NOC said.

The NOC also condemned and rejected what it described as "lies", calling on the HCS to oblige its Head to stop using his official capacity to settle his own scores and fight his dishonorable battles, calling on Al-Mishri to apologize for his fabrications, stressing at the same time that the NOC and the Chairman reserve the right to resort to the national judiciary if he does not stop his allegations.

Al-Mishri said in a televised interview on Al-Jazeera that the NOC is influenced by the United Arab Emirates which he said is obtaining special concessions in the Libyan oil sector, saying the NOC Chairman Farhat Bengdara has an Emirati citizenship.