The Italian Nova news agency reported, citing Libyan sources, that there is an ongoing attempt to bring back Prince Mohammed Al-Hassan Al-Rida El-Senoussi to Libya on February 17.

The news agency indicated that consultations took place in Istanbul with a number of elders, dignitaries, and tribal elders from the eastern and western regions, and a group of local and security leaders from the city of Bani Walid, pointing out that this initiative's news reached Europe.

On the 72nd anniversary of Libya’s Independence Day, December 24, Prince El-Senoussi said that he had begun consultations and talks with all the parties, without exceptions or conditions, not aiming for a return to a regime, restoration of a throne, or power-sharing among a few at the expense of all, but rather to reach a common goal for the progress of the nation under a constitutional rule and institutional reference that respects the will of the people.

Prince Mohammed is the son of the former Crown Prince of Libya, Hassan Al-Rida El-Senoussi, and his supporters in Libya know him as the legitimate heir to the Libyan throne. Although he has been living outside the country since he left it in the 1990s, he still represents an important figure for supporters of the monarchy as they are seeking to restore the country's constitution, which Gaddafi abolished following his coup against the monarchy in 1969.