The spokesman of the Oil Facilities Guard of Ibrahim Jodran’s forces, Ali Al-Hassi, said they took control Tuesday of Al-Naufileya town, which lies 120 km to the east of Sirte, IS’s stronghold.

Al-Hassi explained that IS militants retreated to Harawa town, 50 km eastern Sirte, after the Oil Facilities Guard forces had gripped Al-Naufileya town entirely in the advance carried out today.

“No casualties in our forces as we controlled Al-Naufileya.” Al-Hassi remarked.

He clarified that the military engineering teams had already begun defusing the mines planted in Ben Jawad and Al-Naufileya towns after having them under firm control.

It is noteworthy that the Oil Facilities Guard and border guard forces advanced toward Sirte from the eastern entrance of the city on Monday, announcing their control of Ben Jawad and saying they were advancing toward Al-Naufileya.