The Maltese armed forces that are responsible for policing tankers have barred the oil vessel, Distya Ameya, from entering the Maltese national waters as it was coming from Al-Hareega port in eastern Libya filled with 650 thousand barrels of crude oil, a Maltese media source reported.

The Official website of the Maltese TV channel, TVM, said the vessel was filled with oil in a bid to sell it for UAE-based DSA Consultancy FCZ.

The source added that the Indian-flagged Distya Ameya was prevented from entering to the Maltese waters because the Maltese authorities cannot take legal action against it, as it is not officially registered.

It is worth mentioning that the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, Ibrahim Dabbashi, urged Tuesday the Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council to place the oil tanker Distya Ameya, which was filled with 650 thousand barrels of oil illegally from Al-Hareega port in Tobruk, on the black list as per article (11) of UN Security Council resolution 2145.