The outgoing German ambassador Oliver Owcza said in his farewell message to Libyans as he leaves his job by the end of June that the conflict can be solved.

On Twitter, Owcza said Tuesday: "The Libyan conflict can be solved! Yes, the ceasefire is fragile, no monopoly of power and too many (foreign) arms and forces. But there’s no ideological conflict: Libyans throughout the country share more than what divides them. Be united in strengthening this common values!"

He added that Libyans need to change the narrative, saying Libya is labeled as crisis country only and that conflict and human rights violations are real and must be stopped.

"But there is more: human talent, economic opportunities, cultural heritage. Let’s tell the positive stories and let’s welcome visitors. De-centralize. Good governance requires a sound understanding of citizens needs and effective administration. This is hard to achieve within a centralized system. So strengthen local capacities, delegate responsibility and consider a third state level." He added.

Owcza said that Libyans need to discuss their socio-economic future, adding that too little attention is being given to Libya’s concept of development.

"Reliance on fossile fuels or diversification? State security or private initiative? An open or a rather closed society? No easy answers but essential to address them!" He said, indicating that Libyans need also to balance their relationship with partners as the interplay between Libyan and international actors is a thin line between support and abuse, between sovereignty and intervention; yet all should embrace partnership, based on rules, transparency and mutual benefit.