The Pakistani Embassy in Libya has organized a special event to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day which falls on the 5th of February.

In a press release, the embassy explained that the day is celebrated to show Pakistan's support for the people of Kashmir.

"The day was marked to pay tribute to Kashmiris on their resilience in unflinching struggle for the right to self-determination and to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren suffering misery and abuse under the crushing and brutal military siege of Indian occupation forces for more than one year."

The event was attended by broad members of the Libyan cvil society as well as Pakistani community members with COVID-19 precautions in place.

Acting Pakastani Ambassador Fayyaz Ahmed reiterated during his speech on the occasion Pakistan’s support for the democratic process, peace, stability, and economic development of Libya, underlining the excellent relations that tie the two countries and the need to strengthen them further in all spheres of life.

He urged the Pakistani community to work with more dedication for the rapid socio-economic development of Libya and contribute towards further promoting Pak-Libya cooperation and friendship.

For their part, the participants showed their appreciation to the Pakistani government and the ambassador for their efforts in supporting the Kashmiri peoples.