The Presidential Council (PC) Head Muhammad Menfi has received the credentials of Pakistan's new ambassador to Libya, Rashad Jawid, who confirmed his country's support for the new administration in the country.

Menfi valued the brotherly and Islamic relations that tie both nations, pledging to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the near future, a statement by the PC media office said.

He further expressed appreciation that Pakistan is keen on maintaining its diplomat representation in Libya at the level of ambassador, saying this proves the extent to which Pakistan supports the new government in Libya.

For his part, the ambassador of Pakistan praised the consolidation of the political authority in the country, represented by the Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity, indicating that his country is looking forward to participating in unifying Libyan institutions.

Pakistan also offered to train the military forces and assist in establishing the democratic path that would lead to the electoral entitlements, according to the ambassador, expressing his country's interest in strengthening relations between the two countries in various areas, including in the fields of health, education, industry, housing, and infrastructure.