The parallel government called in a statement issued on Friday for the removal of the Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya Abdoulaye Bathily from the Libyan political process permanently and the selection of a replacement, describing his briefing at the Security Council as containing many fallacies.

The statement called for the necessity of reconsidering the work of the UN support mission in Libya, its current head, and the rest of its members, adding that it followed the periodic briefing submitted by Bathily to the Security Council regarding political, security, and economic developments on the political scene.

The statement accused Bathily of bias, saying, “We have previously warned repeatedly about the actions taken by Bathily that do not ultimately lead to solving the problem in Libya, as it has been proven that he is clearly biased toward one party at the expense of the other, and is not fulfilling the role for which he was assigned, which is equality among all parties."

Bathily said in his speech at the Security Council  that the parties in Libya continued to set conditions before participating in the dialogue, in a way that maintained the status quo.

"So far, no party in Libya has moved decisively from its initial position, and it seems that the current situation suits them," calling on "all institutional actors in Libya to participate in the dialogue without preconditions." He said.