The Presidential Council (PC) member, Mohamed Amari Zayed has expressed rejection to the PC head, Fayez Al-Sarraj's decision to assign Mohamed Baiyou for heading the Media Authority.

"Such a decision is an offense to Libya and the 17 February Revolution," said Ammari Zayed, calling on the PC to convene an urgent meeting to reconsider the decision.

Zayed insisted that heading the media office is a sensitive task that should be assigned to those "who did not practice intellectual terrorism". "The decision will distance Libya from free media and speech, and lay the foundation for a one-party rule over the mainstream media in Libya," he warned.

Al-Sarraj's controversial decision also provoked anger among media professionals as well as online activists and bloggers who described the decision as "shameful".

"Such a decision would jeopardize the building of the state and stand in the way of achieving the aspirations of Libyans," a statement by independent media organizations and media activists said, warning they would announce a general strike and halt all newspapers, radio, and TV broadcasting.

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Baiyou who was assigned to head the Media Authority that manages all state-owned media is a senior leader in the Revolutionary Committees Movement known as the "Lijan Al-Thawria", during the Gaddafi regime. He also did not hesitate to openly support Haftar and his war waged on Tripoli last year.