The General Authority for the Care of Martyrs' Families, Wounded, and Missing has received a communication from President Mohammed Menf of the Presidential Council (PC) confirming the withdrawal of his decision that allows casualties from Haftar's militias in the eastern and southern regions to benefit from the Authority's services.

In the official letter, Menfi also disclosed the establishment of a high committee chaired by PC Deputy Head Abdullah Al-Lafi, with membership from the Chief of General Staff and the head of the Administration Authority under the General Staff, to review the criteria and conditions for including beneficiaries in the Authority.

It may be worth mentioning that Menfi's decision to include Haftar's fighters in the Authority's lists faced widespread rejection, as protesters stormed the PC's HQ in the capital, Tripoli, denouncing the decision and demanding its immediate withdrawal.

Furthermore, the Council of Elders and Dignitaries of Greater Tripoli also opposed the decision. At the same time, PC member Al-Lafi commented that "the decision was issued in violation" and called for its withdrawal to allow for further discussion and consideration of the necessary procedures to be followed.