The Presidential Council (PC) held talks on Wednesday with the US Ambassador/Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, who conducted an overnight visit to Tripoli to support Libya's transition toward elections, reconciliation, and sound financial management, according to a statement by the US embassy in Libya.

The meeting was joined by the PC Head Muhammad Menfi and his two deputies, Abdullah al-Lafi and Musa al-Koni.

Parliamentary and presidential elections were the focus of discussions, including developments in the constitutional path and the negotiations going on between the parties participating in the political process in this regard.

The PC reiterated Libya's right to manage its natural resources, especially the oil sector, in an accountable manner and to give attention to the regions and cities of the south in particular.

A statement by the PC said the Libyan side commended the UN Special Adviser on Libya, Stephanie Williams, for her efforts to achieve consensus on a constitutional basis agreed upon by all political parties.

The PC says it welcomes any agreement between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State that would bring the country to the elections as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador affirmed his country's support for holding elections as soon as possible and for the strategic vision of the national reconciliation project launched by the Presidential Council.

He stressed the need to keep focused on the economic file, reopening the export of oil, and activating the oversight of public spending in a transparent manner, according to a mechanism that provides a decent life for the Libyan citizen.