Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU) Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said on Tuesday that he has embarked on extensive consultations to present a specific and clear action plan to implement the constitutional law and the elections next June.

In a speech to the nation broadcasted on Tuesday night by the GNU Hakomatna platform on Facebook, Dbeibah said the HNEC could restore to the electronic referendum, which is used in several countries, if the commission is unable to conduct an in-person one, adding "We will not allow the dominant political class over the past years to continue for other years.”

He said confidence in the current government has been fraudulently withdrawn by a few people in Parliament and challenged them to present the vote in that session on the air.

"They are seeking to choose a parallel authority for the sake of governance and money," Dbeibah said, adding that they accused each other of terrorism, Muslim Brotherhood, militarization, and coup, and today the two parties are allied to seize power.

The GNU will continue its work until a new executive authority is elected, said Dbeibah, who stressed that he would not allow the formation of a parallel government that would tamper with the people’s money, as he put it.

He called on Libyans to go to the streets and make their voice heard, saying they are tired of the extension and the transitional stages, and they want a state with a solid foundation and sound construction.