The Preparatory Committee for the comprehensive conference on national reconciliation in Congo-Brazzaville confirmed that the national reconciliation file will be accomplished with the participation of all Libyans without marginalization or exclusion.

At the conclusion of its preparatory meeting, the committee indicated that its mission is to prepare for holding an inclusive conference for all parties of the Libyan people, in order to achieve security and social peace in the country.

The committee indicated that it would conduct most of its meetings and work from inside Libya, applauding the commitment of the political, social and military leaders to participate after being invited by the African Union.

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, announced from the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, the start of the work of the preparatory committee for the comprehensive conference on national reconciliation.

Al-Lafi indicated that the Presidential Council had taken responsibility for the reconciliation file and would do its best to develop a theoretical conception of the project with Libyan expertise to formulate a strategic project with specific goals that could be exclusively owned by the Libyan people.

The Presidential Council launched last January the preparatory forum for the National Reconciliation Conference, which was hosted in Tripoli with the participation of representatives of the Libyan parties, Arab and regional stakeholders, as well as the Head of the African Union mission and the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs.