The UN-installed Presidency Council member, Ali Al-Gotrani, has declared that he is waiting impatiently for his resignation from the council, but pressure had been exerted on him to stay in office.

Speaking to Jordan-based Libya Channel last week, he said he is recognizing the Presidency Council in order to spoil its work. He indicated he had made statements and contacted foreign ambassadors in the name of the Presidency Council just to impair it. 

“I have spoiled a lot of things to the Presidency Council,” he admitted. 

Al-Gotrani, a puppet in the hands of renegade General Khalifa Haftar, claimed that the military solution is the only way out of Libya’s crisis. 

“The military option is inevitable whether they sit down for talks or not,” he said.

He threatened to call for a handover of power to so-called “Armed Forces” if the House of Representatives failed to elect a new governor for the Central Bank of Libya in the next sessions.

Al-Gotrani is one the nine members of the Presidency Council. Although he is boycotting Tripoli meetings of the council, he usually issues statements in his capacity as member of the council.