Sabha appeals court adjourned a session for looking into Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi's appeal to the decision of being disqualified from presidential elections list of candidates after a group of gunmen loyal to Khalifa Haftar stormed the court and threatened the judges and staffers.

Gaddafi's lawyer, Khalid Al-Zaydi, filed Thursday morning an appeal to High National Elections Commission's decision to disqualify his client from preliminary list of presidential candidates, saying in a video statement on social media that the Sabha court set 16.00 on Thursday as the time for appeal deliberation but they were surprised to see Haftar's gunmen attacking the court and kicking out judges and staggers to hamper electoral process.

Eyewitnesses in Sabha said a force from Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade under Haftar sons' command attacked Sabha court and prevented Saif Gaddafi's appeal process to get him out of presidential race.

The Libyan Justice Ministry denounced in a statement the assault by an outlaw group on the appeals court in Sabha, saying the gunmen used arms against the staffers and judges and then kicked them out.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Supreme Judicial Council altered Thursday a decision about appeals' regulations and tasks of election appeals' committees after less than 48 hours following the first amendment it made.

The new alteration says appeals against candidates can only be filed within the area of the person who is the subject of appeal, thus scrapping the previous decision that said the appeals can be made also within the area of the person filing the appeal.