Report: Israeli officers trained group of Haftar's forces in Libya

Report: Israeli officers trained group of Haftar's forces in Libya

December 08, 2019 - 21:15
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

High-profile communications have taken place between Khalifa Haftar and security officials from Israel, The New Arab website has reported, citing Libyan and Egyptian sources.

The sources said the meetings of Haftar took place with Israeli intelligence officials (Mossad) that ended up striking security cooperation between the two sides to train Haftar's forces in Guerrilla warfare by Israeli officers who arrived in Libya via coordination with Egypt between August and September this year.

"Israeli officers trained a special unit from Haftar's forces, which are carrying out an offensive against Tripoli." They added.

The training came after Haftar's forces had to change strategies of fighting on the outskirts of Tripoli against the Libyan Army forces under the command of Presidential Council's government. They wanted to make it a street fighting or a Guerrilla warfare to be able to enter Tripoli quicker.

The sources said the meeting between Haftar and Israeli officers wasn't the first of its kind as a similar meeting was held in one of the capitals visited by Haftar, yet the recent meeting was the first to be held on Libyan soil.

Prior to this revelation, the Foreign Minister of the Interim Government, Abdelhadi Lahweij, told Israeli Maariv newspaper that his government wishes to normalize relations with Tel Aviv after the Palestinian cause is resolved.