Russian ambassador

The Russian Ambassador to Libya, Aydar Aganin, said in an interview with TASS on Monday that "there is a risk of delivering weapons to Ukraine, saying those weapons are spreading across Africa, with Libya being such a transit corridor during the period of anarchy and chaos in the country". 

Aganin added that the spread of firearms from Ukraine has undoubtedly become a hot topic today and they were already appearing in some parts of the world and, of course, "have the potential to fall into the hands of various extremist and terrorist groups". 

He added that if needed, any country can become a transit corridor where the state's control over the local situation is insufficient, saying that such risks could not be ruled out, and during the period of anarchy and chaos in Libya, there was some transit movements.

The Russian ambassador emphasized that Libyan security forces and competent authorities "have become noticeably stronger and show considerable determination to stop cross-border criminal activities". 

He indicated that Russian oil companies have good prospects for working in Libya, saying the prospects are very good, and that Russian company Tatneft was already doing exploration activities in Libya under existing conditions: not at full capacity, but as far as circumstances permitted. 

"As a result, the National Oil Corporation reported the discovery of a new oil field near the city of Ghadames in April of this year. This hasn't happened in Libya in quite some time. Russian companies are working and will continue to work within the scope of their contracts. The situation did not fully stabilize in all parts of the country. But we hope that in the near future, everything will change for the better." Aganin explained. 

Meanwhile, Aganin said that Russia’s diplomatic mission in Libya is being temporarily accommodated in a hotel, adding that it was difficult to say when a more appropriate premises would become available.