Russian media: Haftar may transfer his powers to his son Saddam

Russian media: Haftar may transfer his powers to his son Saddam

January 22, 2023 - 12:39
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A report by the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta has shed light on the Moscow- Libyan relations after the "Khalifa Haftar era," citing that the rogue military commander is considering transferring his authority to one of his sons.

Haftar lost interest in power, the report published on Friday said, indicating that the 79-year-old, deemed as Russia's man in Libya, seems ready to transfer his powers to two of his sons.

This information was based on what the Russian newspaper said, media leaks that Haftar expressed to his Egyptian allies his willingness to give up the race for elections scheduled for this year.

Experts at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy anticipated that Haftar's son, Saddam, will eventually assume command of his father's forces.

The newspaper questioned if Haftar would risk such a step given the conflict of interests between his two sons, Saddam and Belqasim, saying that handing over the army to Saddam would be a test for Russian interests in Libya.

Despite Moscow's repeated assertion that it stands at the same distance from all parties in Libya, analysts see Russia closer to the eastern camp led by Haftar.

In this context, the Washington Institute drew attention to the fact that Haftar Jr. is seeking new communication channels, citing his willingness to establish relations with Israel, a controversial player in the Middle East.

The publisher quoted analysts as saying that during Saddam's era, Cyrenaica would likely join the Abraham Accords, a series of statements in which Israel normalized ties with several Gulf states.

It threw into question the benefit of Haftar's forces to Russia in post-Haftar Libya, given that the Israelis are allies of the United States and nominally belong to Western society.