Russian Official: External players in Libya's crisis should be revealed

Russian Official: External players in Libya's crisis should be revealed

February 20, 2018 - 23:00
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Russian contact group on intra-Libyan settlement, Lev Dengov, said it is time external players in Libya's crisis revealed, pointing out that there is one country that is sending weapons to three Libyan armed parties in Tobruk and Tripoli as well as other cities.

Dengov said at the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow Tuesday that Russia is focusing on solving Libya's crisis and backs UN-led efforts in that regard.

"We have to discuss the Libyan crisis with those players in order to reach a solution and as President Putin said (Libya is a country filled with knots that need to be untied) and we are going in that direction." Dengov added.

"The Libyan sides always come to us and ask for military support, ask us about arms, Khalifa Khaftar always asks us about strengthening military training. We speak openly about any cooperation with all sides, including with the Government of National Accord, which also made requests for military help. Today, thanks to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the minister and the president we have equal distance to all," he further added.

He also replied to a question about the destruction of Libya saying Gaddafi's policy led to a revolution by Libyans as Libya is one of the richest African countries but Gaddafi did so little to make it thrive and make people prosper.

"There was only one university and one hospital in Tripoli at Gaddafi's time and this made Libyans ready to revolt. I am against the military intervention in Libya and the stance of the international community at the time." Dengov explained.

Two days ago, Dengov revealed to Egyptian newspaper Youm 7 that Haftar asked Russia to set up a military base in the country’s east, saying Haftar and Al-Sirraj requested more than once the resumption of the Gaddafi-era arms contracts with Russia.