The chief of security in Sabha, Mohammed Behser, has accused Khalifa Haftar and his son Saddam of ordering their forces to spoil for electoral process, adding to Libya Alahrar TV that battalion 115 under the command of Mohammed El-Jarih within the south military zone is the force that blockaded roads to Sabha courthouse for the last few of days.

The Sabha security chief said it was strange that Haftar, a presidential candidate, tried to secure the electoral process, adding that the security directorate took legal measures and sent a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office accusing Haftar of derailing the electoral process.

Besher indicated that a letter would be sent to the UNSMIL and international organizations explaining the latest developments in Sabha, saying Sabha security apparatuses "don't need assistance from Haftar and his forces in securing elections".

"We only recognize the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army, Mohammed Menfi, and Defense Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah as well as Chief of General Staff, Mohammed Al-Haddad. Haftar wants us to follow only his orderes, but his forces aren't an organized army, rather they are a group of outlaw criminals." Besher remarked, saying Haftar's forces have been in Sabha for five years and have never secured a health center, let alone a courthouse.

Sabha saw a few days of tension after Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade under Haftar's command blocked courthouse entrances and entered the complex, once kicking out judges and staffers and then threatening them not to enter and look into the appeals filed by presidential candidate Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi against his disqualification by High National Elections Commission.