Sabratha Municipality member and head of Sabratha Construction Commission, Abu Bakr Al-Dabbashi, said the foreign workforce residing in Sabratha were given an ultimatum to settle their status and residence procedures as well as medical conditions and housing taxes.

Al-Dabbashi clarified that his commission will issue electronic cards for the coming foreign workforce as part of the policies of the city to organize the labor force and specify their specialties to make the best use of them in providing services to the residents of the city.

“The foreign workforce can now register in the assigned committee in the Municipality building, if not, the committee will single out the ones who did not fulfill this decision and deport them as they did not abide by the Municipality rules.” Al-Dabbashi indicated.

Al-Dabbashi also called on all of the residents to cooperate with the committee by registering the entire workforce contracted by them and residing with them for better organizing work environment within the Sabratha Municipality to become more civilized and organized.

“The Municipality will pass this experience to the other municipalities in the country once it proves successful, and for that to happen, we urge all of the residents in Sabratha to do their best to make it happen.” Concluded Al-Dabbashi.