The Tripoli-based Salvation government of Khalifa Al-Ghawiel has urged the Italian government to pull its troops out of Misrata Airbase, saying Italy has a colonial history of fascists.

"We are deeply concerned about the deployment of Italian troops in Misrata Airbase," Al-Ghawiel said in a letter to the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Monday.

He demanded the Italian government to pull its troops and their equipment out of Misrata immediately.

"We will hold the Italian government responsible if it does not respond to our demand," the letter warned.

The Italian forces are in Misrata as part of the field hospital which was set up to treat Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos fighters. The 50-bed hospital is run by 65 Italian military doctors and medical personnel. It also includes135 administrative and logistics staff and 100 soldiers from the parachute regiment for protection.