The Security Council will hold in August its bimonthly briefing on the situation in Libya and Special Representative and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Abdoulaye Bathily will brief the Council on recent political, security, and humanitarian developments in the country and the Secretary-General’s latest report on UNSMIL, Security Council Report website has reported, adding that the chair of the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee, Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane of Japan will also brief on the committee’s activities.

"At the August briefing, Council members are likely to reiterate their expectation that all parties display the political will to meet their stated commitments through concrete action, noting that both the UN and the legislatures had set June as the deadline to finalise electoral legislation to hold elections by the end of the year." The website said. 

Members may also reiterate support for Bathily’s intensified efforts to facilitate agreement on a final settlement. They will remain united on the need for a Libyan-led inclusive process to lead to elections foreseen as restoring political, security, and economic stability. 

The website indicated that at the June briefing, most Council members acknowledged the 6+6 committee’s draft electoral legislation as a positive step and welcomed Bathily’s mediation efforts to resolve the law’s outstanding issues.

"Broader geopolitical tensions still influence Council dynamics in respect of Libya, however. In his June statement, the Russian representative criticised the alleged double agenda of Western members, whom he accused of seeking to provide resources for their own economic needs at the expense of Libya’s hydrocarbon resources rather than supporting a long-term solution to the country’s problems. Russia also abstained from the vote adopting resolution 2684, claiming that the authorisation for maritime inspections—carried out by the EU—has not led to “practical results in terms of stabilisation on the ground." The website further added.