An armed group affiliated with a security body operating under Khalifa Haftar's forces in the eastern region has opened fire on two residents in north Al-Bayda city, leaving one dead and the other injured.

According to Libyan Crime Watch, the 21-year-old Muhammad Bouhaniyeh was shot dead by armed men riding vehicles with the logo of the General Department of Criminal Investigation of the Granada branch.

The other victim, 22 years- old Hamad Al-Darsi, luckily survived with a bullet wound in his chest.

The organization quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the armed men were roaming in official security vehicles in the Al-Hanniyeh area north of Al-Bayda late on Friday.

Residents in the area stood up to the armed group after the latter tried to arrest some people without legal procedures and began firing randomly in the neighbourhood.

LCW said it holds the General Department of Criminal Investigation accountable for the incident, as it called for an urgent and vigorous investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.