Libyan Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the commander of the support brigade in charge of protecting the Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery, pending investigation for his involvement in smuggling fuel from the Refinery.

The Public Prosecutor's Office said that, within the jurisdiction of Al-Zawiya Court of Appeal, it had initiated an investigation into the business disruption of Al-Zawiya Oil Refining and examining evidence of the contribution of some leaders of the administrative and security units in facilitating the smuggling of fuel for illegal material benefits.

It added that the commander was interrogated, and confronted with the facts and evidence contained in the communications and reports submitted to the investigation authority. The investigator later ordered his detention pending further probes.

The Office said that procedures to prosecute those involved in committing crimes affecting the economy would be prosecuted, in addition to taking action to stop the methods that were used in previous fuel smuggling activity.

It also indicated that this procedure was the outcome of the Public Prosecutor's meeting with the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, commanders of the military zone of the west coast; and the 52nd Infantry Brigade, during which measures were taken to ensure the achievement of the objectives of Al-Zawiya Oil Refining; supporting the tasks of guarding and securing the company's facilities, including the restructuring of its board of directors; and assigning those two brigades the responsibility of security guards’' tasks.