The Tripoli Security Directorate confirmed that an individual was injured in a shooting near the Man-made River Stadium in Tripoli before the football match between Al-Ittihad and Al-Malaab Al-Libi on Friday evening. The Directorate denied any fatalities resulting from the incident.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that the shooting was an attempt to prevent fans of Al-Ittihad Club from attending the match. Videos circulating online depicted the chaotic scene among the fans during the shooting.

The General Assembly of Al-Ittihad Club condemned the actions, which included harassment, beatings, arrests of the club's fans, and preventing them from entering the stadium before the start of their team’s match against Al-Malaab Al-Libi.

The match was part of the 7th round of the second group of the Premier League, which Al-Ittihad won with a score of two to zero.

The goals scored by Walid Al-Marghani and Rebis secured Al-Ittihad’s first victory in the Premier League, bringing their total points to four, while Al-Malaab Al-Libi’s points remained at six.